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Past Results


Each year we will post the results of the contest here.


2016 Myrtle Beach Elvis Festival

Champion – Ryan Pelton

2nd Place Austin Irby (representing the festival in Memphis)

3rd Place Travis Powell

4th Place Cote Deonath

5th Place David King

Non-Professional 1st Place Taylor Vaden

Non-Professional 2nd Place Alex Mitchell

Non-Professional 3rd Place Stewart Chapman

Non-Professional 4th Place Drew Polsun

Non-Professional 5th Place Dan Barrella

Alex Mitchell – Fan’s Choice

2015 Myrtle Beach Elvis Festival

Champion – Di Light

2nd Place Tim E Hendry

3rd Place Brycen Katolinsky (representing the festival in Memphis)

4th Place Alex Mitchell

5th Place Aaron Tessis

Non-Professional 1st Place Cote Deonath

Non-Professional 2nd Place Taylor Vaden

Non-Professional 3rd Place Brad Mitchell

Non-Professional 4th Place Dan Barella

Non-Professional 5th Place Eric Schneider

Cote Deonath – Fan’s Choice

2014 South Carolina Elvis Festival

Champion – Jim Barone

2nd Place – Bruce Stewart

3rd Place – Kelly Hylton

Jim Barone – Gospel Champion

Austin Irby – Fan’s Choice

2014 Myrtle Beach UETAC Preliminary

Winner – Austin Irby

2013 South Carolina Elvis Festival

Champion – Ted Torres

2nd Place – Jesse Aron

3rd Place – Alex Swindel

Jesse Aron – Gospel Champion

Ted Torres – Fan’s Choice

Non-Professional Division

1st Place – Jason Sikes

2nd Place – Ernie Hefferon

3rd Place – John Cigan

2013 Myrtle Beach UETAC Preliminary

Winner – Travis Powell

Previous Myrtle Beach UETAC Preliminary Winners:

2012 – Kevin Mills

2011 – David Allen

2010 – Vince King

2009 – Nathan Belt

2008 – Michael Sokolik